78% of the RATE supply will be distributed to community through rewards. Rewards can be received by

  • Providing TAI/ETH Liquidity in the TAI App


  • Minting TAI from any Safe

Users can receive both mint and liquidity rewards at the same time.

Community Rewards Allocation

Current allocations:

The RATE amount distributed to LPers vs Minters will not remain constant and will be periodically re-evaluated.

Community Rewards Emission Schedule

RATE rewards emission is done on a hardcoded schedule from the Emitter contract.

Below is the reward schedule encoded in the contract, along with Team rewards vesting for comparison

The RATE rewards schedule is generated from this supply function.

import math
start = 780000 # 78%
c = 20
lam = 1/120

def starting_supply(month):
    # amount at begining of `month` month after launch
    return start * (c*math.e)**(lam * -month)

Using this supply function:

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